Action for Sick Children

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A series of leaflets on how you can help children cope with pain and needles as well as going into hospital has been published by the charity, Action for Sick Children.

The booklet Needles - helping to take away the fear discusses physchological and play techniques which have been developed to help children cope with the fear of needles. Various techniques are covered which can be applied by specialists and parents to help children who are frightened or in pain.

Children and pain discusses drugs for pain relief and how you can tell if your child is in pain when they may be unable to express it easily in words. The booklet also gives advice on how to control pain without drugs.
Teanagers in hospital gives good advice on the questions and problems teanagers face when facing surgery or a stay in hospital.

Coming into hospital is a guide for parents on how to prepare their child and how to cope with their stay in hospital.
Priced £1 each in the UK, the booklets are available from:

Action for Sick Children,
Argyle House
29-31 Euston Road
London NW1 2SD
tel: in UK 020 78 33 20 41 or outside UK 0044 207 833 2041

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Source: Gauchers News November 1997

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