Two Researchers Win Alan Gordon Memorial Award

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Dr Frances Platt and Dr Terence Butters were presented with the second Alan Gordon Memorial Award on 25 April for their work on the use of substrate deprivation therapy.

The important realisation by Dr Platt, Dr Butters and their team at the Dept of Biochemistry, University of Oxford, that a whole series of sugars they were investigating could be used to treat certain genetic storage diseases was a significant discovery which has led to the development of a clinical trial of the drug OGT 918 on patients with Gaucher's disease. The trials are currently being carried out in four countries including the UK,' said Jeremy Manuel who presented the researchers with a certificate and cheque for £500 each.

The outcome of the trial will not be known until early next year but there is no doubt that the drug offers the hope of an additional arm of treatment for patients with Type III and even Type II disease. Should the trial prove effective in Gaucher's disease, then it could be used in trials of other devastating diseases including Tay Sachs disease, Sandhoff disease and Niemann Pick Type C. There are at present few credible therapeutic developments to tackle these diseases .'

Dr Platt and Dr Butters said that receiving the Award was a great honour and thanked the Association for inspiring them to continue with their research. Dr Platt also thanked Prof Bryan Winchester and Prof Cox for their encouragement.

Source: Gaucher's News July 1999

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