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A book covering the latest international practice and research on Gauchers disease was published in January 1998. Part of the Bailliere's Clinical Haematology series and edited by Dr Ari Zimran, each chapter has been written by a leader in the field of Gauchers disease including UK experts.

'Two major advances in the past 15 years have revolutionized our ability to diagnose and treat patients with this genetic disorder: the progress made in molecular biology and the introduction of a safe and effective enzyme therapy,' writes Dr Ari Zimran in the preface of the book.

'Modern DNA technology has led to cloning of the genes, identification of mutations, enabled population screening and the creation of animal models, as well as the development of future therapies involving gene transfer.

'Enzyme replacement therapy has successfully reversed many of the haematological (blood) and visceral (liver and spleen) manifestations of the disorder and improved other features of the disease, thus significantly increasing the quality of life for many patients throughout the world. Gauchers disease has become a model for single-gene disorders.

'I hope this book will become a source of information and ideas that stimulates and inspires the next generation of clinicians and researchers. I have been privi-leged to invite most of the world experts on Gauchers disease as contributors to this book. Each chapter stands alone and hopefully the complete book may be viewed as a state-of-the-art discussion of Gauchers disease.'

Chapters include:

'This definitive work on Gauchers disease will be a valuable educational tool and source of information', says Gauchers Association Chairman Jeremy Manuel. 'We hope it will find its place in the hands of many consulting doctors and on the shelves of many medical libraries. It lists those doctors and scientists who have contributed so much to the welfare of Gauchers patients and will be a link to those who wish to contact them in the future.

'The book is part of a series, available on subscription or individually, and is published by Bailliere Tindall, an imprint of W B Saunders & Co Ltd.

The Gauchers Association has obtained copies of the book through a grant from the Helen Manuel Foundation, which are available free of charge to members of the association and others (a charge for overseas postage may apply). If you want a copy, please send your request and address by E mail to Gauchers Association

Gaucher's News Contents

Source: Gaucher's News November 1997
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