Italian Gauchers Conference 1996

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The Associazione Italiana Gaucher held its 3rd Annual Conference in Mondragone, 30 miles north of Naples, on 25-28 April 1996. Over 60 patients and their families heard several Italian doctors including Dr Bruno Bembi, as well as Professor Timothy Cox from the UK and Dr Ari Zimran from Israel.

Fern Torquati, Presidente of the Italian Gaucher Association, attended a Symposium on Gauchers disease in Amsterdam in May 1992. There she met patients, mothers and relatives, as well as doctors who knew about the disease. She returned to Italy and courageously formed the Italian Association. Nearly 130 sufferers are now on the Italian National Register.

Reports from the Conference
Neurological Symptoms by Dr Bruno Bembi
New Scintigraphic Test to Evaluate Gauchers Deposits in Bone
Dr Giuliano Mariani
Unknown Aspects of Gaucher Disease
by Professor Timothy
Obstetric and Gynaecological Aspects in Women by Professor Ari Zimran

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Source: Gauchers News September 1996

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