Most patients have Type 1 disease. But if you are looking for information on Type 2 or Type 3 we now have a special home page for Neuronopathic Gaucher Disease. However Type 3 patients should also read information on the main pages which is equally applicable to them.

Some of the older pages on this site are also available in Spanish. Some pages have also been translated into German and Italian and this is shown in the contents below. Some important articles are also available in Russian.

If you need an understandable but comprehensive introduction to the subject read Living with Gaucher Disease first. This is also available in Italian and Bulgarian as well as English, Spanish and Russian.

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Gauchers News December 2007
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Associations Around The World
A list of addresses, phone numbers of Associations and contacts operating in 39 countries. Latest addition or change: May 2005.


European Gaucher Alliance
The aims of the EGA are currently available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Hebrew, Czech, Bulgarian, Serbian, Slovenian and Finnish translations.

Gaucher's Association Aims and Disclaimer

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Contenido en español (Spanish translations).

Please note that anyone who suffers from Gaucher's Disease or thinks they suffer from it should consult a physician who is experienced with dealing with the condition. The information included on these pages is intended to be useful to patients and physicians but it is no substitute for skilled medical advice.

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