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New book on Gaucher Disease
Edited by Professors Ari Zimran and Tony Futterman.
(December 2006).

European Working Group on Gaucher Disease
Two hundred and fifty delegates including physicians, scientists and patient representatives from 18 European countries hosted by Professor Cox and his colleagues at Cambridge University. (December 2006).e, UK.

The cost of Gaucher Disease
Susan Lewis talked about the cost, both financial and human of the condition. (December 2006).

How flexible are the red cells from patients with Gaucher Disease
Dr Atul Mehta writes about a joint research project by St George's Hospital and the Royal Free Hospitals in London. (December 2006).

New treatments
Four pharmaceutical companies Genzyme, Amicus, Shire and Protalix explain their new treatments which are in the course of development for Gaucher Disease. (December 2006).

December 2006 in full
The whole issue as one large file 2.7mb; unsuitable for dial-up or for old computers. (December 2006).

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