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In Memory of Susan Lewis
Co-founder and Executive Director of the Gauchers Association for its first 14 years.
(July 2007).

Future Trials and Therapies
Prof. Ari Zimran looks back and forward at the Association's 15th Anniversary Conference in January 2007.
(July 2007).

National Bone Collaboration Project
An update by Dr Patrick Deegan of the Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge and Addenbrooke's Hospital.
(July 2007).

Doctor-Patient Partnerships
How the past can address the future by Prof. Timothy Cox of the Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge and Addenbrooke's Hospital.
(July 2007).

Living withType 1 Gaucher Disease
DanBrown talks about how he found out he had Gaucher Disease at the afe of 26 four years ago.
(July 2007).

Bone Disease in Adults with Type 1 Gaucher Disease
The impact of enzyme replacement therapy.
(July 2007).

Celebrating 15 Years of the Gauchers Association
Report of the Gala Dinner and speaker Sir Michael Rawlins.
(July 2007).

Chaperone Therapy- An Update
An update to this means of improving treatment for Gaucher Disease.
(July 2007).

Nordic Patients Meet in Finland
50 patients from Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland met in Helsinki in April 2007.
(July 2007).

Royal Free Announces Study on possible links between Gaucher Disease and other disorders
Links between Gaucher Disease and Multiple Myeloma.
(July 2007).

5th Alan Gordon Memorial Award
Presented to Prof. Hans Aerts of the University of Amsterdam Medical Centre.
(July 2007).

Full Conference Report
Report of the proceedings of the second day of the Association's conference held on 21 January 2007. A number of the presentations are referenced separately above.
(July 2007).

Gauchers News July 2007
The full file of the whole issue. The conference supplement is above.
(July 2007).

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