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The majority of patients receiving enzyme replacement therapy in the UK now infuse at home and store both their Cerezyme and ancillary items at home. Healthcare at Home, the company which dispenses and delivers the enzyme has given the following advice:

Electricity Supply

Patients who store their supply of Cerezyme in their refrigerators at home can put themselves on a priority or extra care list by simply contacting their electricity supplier.

The electricity supplier will then ensure that they are the first to be switched back on should their electricity be disconnected for any reason. It will also ensure that their electricity is turned off only in extreme circumstances.

Some electricity companies will notify you in advance should the electricity power be cut off.

Healthcare at Home believes that if this measure is adopted by concerned members, it would both increase confidence and potentially avert any potentially difficult situations.

Storage of Cerezyme

Cerezyme is a delicate product and its storage in the fridge needs to be carried out with great care and attention.

Healthcare at Home recommends that you use a thermometer (which the company can provide) to monitor and maintain the fridge's temperature. The thermometer should be placed in the centre of the fridge.

The temperature should remain within 2-8 degrees Celsius and it should be checked on a daily basis. If the temperature is outside the correct range, the thermostat should be altered.

If you are planning a holiday, check the fridge before you go. If you have any concerns, make suitable arrangement for the care of your fridge and contents whilst you are away.

A plug card for the fridge can be provided by Healthcare at Home to help avoid turning it off by accident.

If your electricity runs on a token basis, ensure adequate payment before your holiday.


Healthcare at Home has recently become the first homecare company to be ISO9002 accredited by the British Standards Institution. The scope of their registration covers all the activities of the company including the provision of complex therapies in the home.

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