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Two important European national conferences were held in the latter part of 2002. The Spanish Gaucher Association held its meeting in October 2002 and the Danish Association held its Conference in November 2002. The Dutch Gaucher Association will hold its 20th Anniversary International Conference in October 2003.

Danish Gauchers Association

The Danish Gauchers Association (Gaucher Foreningen I Danmark) was formally founded on Saturday 2 November 2002 in Copenhagen at a meeting of sufferers and their families. A Norwegian family also attended and it was agreed to include Norway in the group's work.

Anne-Grethe Lausden was nominated as Chairman. She said: 'The day was a great success. The group has been working informally for nearly 10 years but it will now be officially accepted.'

Susan Lewis represented the European Gaucher Alliance and spoke about its alliance with 22 European countries and its work in East Europe.

Spanish Conference

The Spanish Gaucher Association held its 4th Conference in Toledo on 25 October 2002. Raul Cherkoff of the Israeli Gaucher Association spoke at the meeting.

He reports that the Conference was attended by over 50 patients and companions. One of the main aims was to discuss mutual issues of interest. These short but fruitful discussions were appreciated by all participants. They were followed by talks on diagnosis, treatment, pre-natal diagnosis and genetic counselling. The Chairman of the Mexican Gaucher Association also attended.

Dutch 20th Anniversary International Symposium

The Dutch Gaucher Association is holding its 20th Anniversary Celebration and International Symposium on 24-26 October 2003 in Holland.

The Dutch Gaucher Association will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a Symposium on Friday 24 October and Saturday 25 October 2003 in Lage Vuursche in the Netherlands.

Entitled 'Gaucher Disease: A World of Difference', it will be open to everyone involved in the treatment and research of the disease including patients, their families, physicians, scientists and others interested in the disorder.

The talks will be in either Dutch or English and if one language is spoken, there will be a written translation of it in the other language.

Two Days of Information

The first day will focus on develop-ments for patients during the last 20 years: clinical aspects, treatment, quality of life and new biochemical characteristics. Also included will be the history of the Dutch Gaucher Association and the benefits of co-operation, what patients gain from biotechnology and ethical aspects.

The second day will concentrate on the differences in treatment between countries, Dutch and European regulations and Orphan diseases.

Finally there will be the latest information about the future and what can be expected in the long term.

Gauchers News Contents

Source: Gauchers News April 2003.
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