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The Gauchers Association has agreed to establish a new account where specified donations dedicated to NGD will be held.

The new fund will give families and friends of children sufferers of NGD the opportunity to target their donations to projects or activities specifically for NGD, for example research and the purchase of equipment for specific tests.

Through the work of the Association the profile of NGD has increased and therefore there is now a need for funding initiatives developed in conjunction with families and doctors from Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital.

Members will have already seen the recent sponsorship form that was sent out for runners of the London Marathon in April. One of the runners was connected to a family whose child has NGD and requested that all monies raised should be allocated to the new account.

If you, your family or friends would like future donations to go specifically to the NGD, please ensure that you specify this when making the donation.

This new initiative has been discussed with the families of NGD sufferers in the UK and the feedback is fully supportive.

Please note that the subscription paid by all members of the Association will continue to be paid into the general fund to support the administration of the Association.

Neuronopathic Gaucher's News Contents
Gaucher's News Contents

Source: Gaucher's News August 2000.
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