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Jeremy Manuel Chairman of the Gauchers Association, was awarded the OBE for services to the Gauchers Association in the UK New Year's Honours List for the year 2000.

Jeremy, aged 42, whose late mother had Gaucher disease, founded the Gauchers Association in 1991 because of the lack of information available to families and to ease the burden of isolation felt through not knowing others in a similar situation.

In the past 8½ years, enzyme replacement therapy has become a reality, new drugs and gene therapy are being researched and the Dept of Health has appointed four national centres for the assessment and management of the disease,' Jeremy says.

Gaucher disease has become a model for other rare genetic conditions and I am proud to have played a part in that process.

'This award is a tribute to all involved with the Association, our members, doctors and scientists, who have done so much to benefit sufferers of Gauchers disease. I give thanks to them but most of all to Susan Lewis without whom none of our achievements would have been possible.

The OBE which is awarded by the British Government will be presented to Jeremy by Queen Elisabeth II later in the year.

Gaucher's News Contents

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