Royal Free Hospital in Cerezyme Dose Frequency (Once a Month) Study

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Up to five patients at the Royal Free Hospital are to take part in a world-wide study of the safety and efficacy of Cerezyme infused every four weeks instead of every two weeks in the maintenance therapy of adults with Type 1 Gauchers disease.

'The main purpose of the study is to determine if the health of patients with Type 1 Gauchers disease can be maintained when they are given their total 4-week dose of Cerezyme in one infusion every four weeks instead of their total 4-week dose split into two infusions given every two weeks', writes Linda Richfield, Clinical Nurse Specialist at the Lysosomal Storage Disorders Unit at the Royal Free Hospital.

'Patients must have received Cerezyme for a minimum of two years, have mild to moderate disease, had infusions every two weeks for at least six months with no dosage changes and infused from 20-40 units per kilogram of weight every two weeks. 'The study will last for 24 months with analysis of the data at 12 months to determine whether patients should continue on this regime.'

Gauchers News Contents

Source: Gauchers News October 2004.
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