Gaucher Disease Conference, Arlington, Virginia, USA, October 2002

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A Conference on Gaucher disease was held in Arlington, Virginia, US on 11-13 October 2002 alongside the Annual Conference of NORD (National Organisation for Rare Diseases). Speakers covered several topics including the management of treatment in Gauchers disease. Don Tendell and Susan Lewis attended the Conference together with 70 Americans who have Gaucher disease and their relatives.

The US Gaucher Disease conference included presentations on:

A Special Meeting

Mary Nathan and Sam Shponka, who both have Gaucher disease, organised the 2½ day event. Mary said after the Conference: 'The close rapport and camaraderie among those attending this conference has been very special. In this spirit of shared experiences and expectations, we can hope for a healthy future.'

Don Tendell, Treasurer of the UK Gauchers Association, said about the meeting: 'The opportunity to have breakfast, lunch and dinner over a couple of days with other sufferers and their families was very useful. It was a relaxing way to meet people and talk at a leisurely pace. It was also my first time in Washington DC which added to the excitement.'

News from Europe

Susan Lewis gave an after dinner speech about the current situation of people with Gauchers disease in Europe comparing the difference in the availability of information and treatment which occurs in different parts of the continent.

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